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The rich and famous may live luxurious lives but have no privacy. They are the eye candy of fans and the public, who always target their movements and actions. It is rightly said that they cannot do without travel security in Vancouver.

Many commoners are jealous of celebrity success, whereas others may want them for personal relations. Either way, the star’s freedom is threatened because of the crazy people in the world. 

Armed bodyguards for celebrities:

Many of these personalities are unable to move around without armed bodyguards. After all, who will protect celebrities from stalkers? Wealthy and famous individuals are the target of many. You may have heard countless stories where burglars have broken into celebrity homes, and famous people have been abducted at gunpoint.

The fact is wealthy and famous personalities of Vancouver, and other areas need protection. Their job involves a lot of travel, so they also need travel security in Vancouver.

Red carpet events and security:

Celebrities have to be vigilant all the time for red carpet functions or events and can’t do without skilled personal security. Even if it is heading to the grocery store to buy ketchup, they need travel security in Vancouver to stay safe. High-profile people like Beyonce, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Jennifer Lopez, and others spend astronomical amounts for their safety. 

Fans and the media watch every move they make. Thus in this age of technology, they need professional assistance to stay alert always. Let us list you ten celebrities who have opted for security to improve their quality of life, and they spend it big because security does cost money:

  1. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Let us start our celebrity list with the royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They have moved away from their Royal Palace and are no longer under the Palace security. It’s the self-funded private security team for the Royal couple. The couple is also trying for police protection to beef up their security. 
  1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: The two estranged husband and wife may have “irreconcilable differences”, but they follow stringent security protocol. Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, and this incident startled the celebrity world. Moreover, she had been tied and gagged, shocking everyone. She needs to stay safe while traveling and at home. There is no reason not to employ expert travel security services in Vancouver. 
  1. Donald Trump: Do you know Donald Trump spends almost $ 120 million on his security, even besides the official Secret Service protection he will enjoy for his lifetime? Well, it is true even he can’t do without security!
  1. Mark Zuckerberg: He changed the life of trillions of people through his Facebook. Bringing people into social light has been his endeavor, but this has also earned him the scorn of many people. Critics can sometimes be intimidating, and hiring a security cover for safety is best.
  1. Tom Cruise: The Mission impossible star spends nearly $ 2.6 million on his security. Because he is famous and his life is always under the scanner, he has to stay safe. So, he avails of travel security in Vancouver.
  1. Jay-Z & Beyoncé: The rapper Jay-Z and his singer-songwriter beauty have three children they always pledge to protect. The two celebrities spend a tremendous amount of money for their family’s protection and avail travel security in Vancouver whenever they are there. 
  1. Larry Ellison: Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle, may go into the background and stay away from the public eye, but he is still a famous personality. He spends $ 2 million on his protection for safety and stays guarded. 
  1. Jeff Bezos: Famous personalities must stay safe and protected because of these intelligent people and their immense contribution to society. The tech industry recognizes Jeff Bezos, and he pays a hefty amount for travel security in Vancouver.
  1. Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez, or JLo as most people know her, is a multi-talented singer-actor who spends nearly $1.4 million on her security.
  1. 50 cent: The name leaves an impact, and professionally 50 cents, the businessman, rapper, and actor is irreplaceable in the music and hip hop industry. He pays nearly 1.04 million dollars as security, including travel security in Vancouver

Celebrities’ lives are glamorous, but at the same time, they have to deal with crazy obsessive fans. The rich and famous hire travel security in Vancouver, so they have bodyguards and security to protect them from harm when moving. Artists frequently go on tours and travel abroad, and they need protection because they are constantly under the censure of the public.

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