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As the internet buzzes with information about celebrities, their holidays, shopping or travel visits, parties, and so much more, they have no privacy. Celebrity Security in Abbotsford protects the homes and properties of these superstars from threats and burglary. The fact is, the private details of famous personalities are always on public display. Their privacy is violated, and their commercial or residential properties are constantly exposed to the public eye. How can celebrity homes and properties remain protected? 

Celebrities and their homes under threat scanner:

Providing security arrangements for celebrities is difficult because they are always noticeable and under the scanner. There is a spotlight on personalities at all times, increasing the threat landscape, and the protector’s job becomes almost impossible. Only successful professionals with intelligence and leverage experience can deal with Celebrity Security in Abbotsford. 

A celebrity’s home is also in the public eye and needs to be guarded. Only then can it be called a haven. What are the three things that have to be considered to protect their property? 

1) Manned security:

Celebrities can afford an armed or manned security command for 24 hours in the form of a simple front guard in a booth or a team of plain-clothed men or uniformed team to take care of the property. From here, it is easy to keep an eye on the front entrance and stop people from entering inside without prior appointment, screening or permission. The guard booth from Celebrity Security In Abbotsford is well-equipped and acts as a command post to stop potential intruders from getting control of the property. 

But sometimes, the residences are naturally protected as in a gated community or gatehouses where perimeter security is provided. At times like this, celebrities do not need constant on-site security teams 24/7. Isn’t it a good idea to give a room to the security professional or protector? He can follow the celebrity when need be or keep an eye on the home and property to protect it from harm. 

2) Alarm system:

A sound alarm system is the best way to keep miscreants out of a celebrity’s home. Unwanted people, fans and thieves cannot enter if reliable Celebrity Security In Abbotsford manages the alarm system. Setting up a sound home security alarm system is imperative because crime and burglaries are rising. 

Change the locks of the house and get a sound burglar alarm system. Celebrities are always in the vision of others because of their constant media exposure. People don’t take long to find out where their favorite star stays. But safety is paramount. 

A celebrity can opt for a high-end security system that is electronically monitored and senses the motion of intruders. When the alarm system detects movement or thermal heat from the body, the electronic motion sensor gives a beep and triggers the alarm. The security agency gets this signal and instantly gets into action mode. Now, they can deal with unwanted people trespassing on the property. 

3)  Camera system:

 The Cornerstone security agency recommends a sound alarm system with cameras to monitor the home’s entrance and exterior. The CCTV cameras can be all around the celebrity’s home or property so that no movement or action goes unmonitored. Better to go for a heavy-duty storage DVR to retain all images and data for an extended period, and these recordings can be stored and reviewed later if needed. 

Celebrities are constantly under the scanner, and thus they face a lot of stress. Public scrutiny leads to a lack of privacy, placing excessive emotional and psychological demands on famous people. 

Beware of anti-social people:

Anti-social elements are a threat to celebrities and can rob their property. Protecting this valuable asset and saving it from being stolen is essential. But, burglary can take place anytime, so it is a must to theft-proof celebrity homes. 

 Simple steps that need to be followed always 

Thieves are brilliant and target celebrity homes that are not secure. The property and house must be under bright lights at night, and a better way out is to illuminate the indoors and outdoors brightly. Thieves and burglars detest an illuminated place. 

Do not leave the house unattended at any time. People from Celebrity Security In Abbotsford are always on guard, so there is no risk of a break-in, but make sure you have a light or television in the rooms. Install the latest high-tech superior quality locks and invest in solid electronic doors. The latest scientific features of the safety locks and doors will prevent people from breaking in. Coupled with Cornerstone security, these basic steps can keep the thieves and troublemakers out and protect the celebrity properties. 

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