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At Cornerstone Security & Transport, our Close Protection Service, a key part of our Executive Protection offerings, is dedicated to ensuring the physical safety of high-risk or high-profile individuals. Our service focuses on personal, close-range protection in environments with elevated threat levels or where an enhanced security presence is essential.

Key aspects of our Close Protection Service include:

  • Expert Personal Bodyguards: Our officers are highly trained professionals, providing discreet yet effective protection, ensuring safety without disrupting your personal or professional life.
  • Advanced Situational Awareness: We employ proactive techniques to identify and mitigate threats in real-time, crucial in dynamic environments such as public events, travel, or daily activities.
  • Customized Protection Strategies: Recognizing each client’s unique requirements, we tailor protection plans that align with your lifestyle, schedule, and preferences, ensuring our services integrate seamlessly into your life.
  • Unwavering Discretion and Confidentiality: Our team is committed to maintaining the highest levels of discretion, safeguarding your privacy at all times.
  • Comprehensive Training and Preparedness: Our personnel are trained in defensive tactics, emergency response, and crisis management, prepared for any scenario to offer you maximum security and peace of mind.
  • Global Capability: We provide customized security solutions for worldwide needs, adapting to different environments and legal jurisdictions.

Cornerstone Security & Transport’s Close Protection Service is more than security; it’s about enabling you to move safely and confidently in all aspects of your life. Our approach is centered on understanding and addressing your unique security needs, assuring protection wherever you are. Contact us to learn how our Close Protection Service can be an integral part of your comprehensive security strategy.

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I contacted Cornerstone Security after an outstanding recommendation from a colleague who had previously used their close protection services. Justice and Paul handled an unexpected ‘sensitive’ situation with tact and grace. This experience elevated my understanding of the security industry in Vancouver. Respectfully, this is not your average night watchperson patrol company, if you require a professionally-dressed elite team that you would expect in a large global city, Cornerstone is the licensed and fully insured option.


Since Cornerstone Security started working in our building, the service became impeccable!! Concierges are dressed very well, their work ethic is great and they always are nice to our dogs!

Florence Bruce

Cornerstone is really reliable and really professional. We hired them for a private university event the day before the event bc the original company failed to provide required documents. They were able to provide all the paper work super fast and provide us an affordable price cheaper than other companies. On the day of the event, the security guards are very responsible and helpful. If youre looking for a security company, Cornerstone is def the best one after contacting several other ones. 10/10 recommend

Cameron Oliver

Managing a complex site comes with its challenges. Cornerstone Security has been by our side along the way with all hands on deck. They are knowledgeable, reliable, responsive and get the task done. Simply awesome and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Justice and team for all your hard work.

Alannah Slater

Great company, we hired them for our dealership and they have been conducting patrol. We have noticed a lot of improvement, no unwanted trespassers in our premises after hours and they have responded to emergencies within 30 minutes. We are happy with our choice of security and recommending them to anyone in need of security.

Erin Bird

Residential Security

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Advance Team


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