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Safe, Everyday. Everywhere. Period. Is the motto of Cornerstone security; we uphold the highest standards in our duties.


With a Management team of over 41 years of combined experience, we take pride in diversifying ourselves as leaders in the security industry.


Our clients are our top priority. Your safety and the safety of your assets are treated with extreme importance and duty of care.

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What is the work of security guard?

Their job is to prevent a crime from happening by proactively watching for suspicious behavior, mitigating risks as they appear and contacting the proper authorities when an incident occurs. Simply put, security guards keep people, property and other valuable assets safe and secure.

What is purpose of security?

Security purpose means the purpose of preventing shoplifting, fraud, or any other misappropriation or theft of a thing of value, including tangible and intangible goods, services, and other purposes in furtherance of protecting the security or integrity of software, accounts, applications, online services, or any …

What is personal security called?

A security detail, often known as a PSD (protective services detail, personal security detachment, personal security detail) or PPD (personal protection detail), is a protective team assigned to protect the personal security of an individual or group.

What is personal security called?

A security detail, often known as a PSD (protective services detail, personal security detachment, personal security detail) or PPD (personal protection detail), is a protective team assigned to protect the personal security of an individual or group.

What are the goals of security guard?

A security guard monitors the premises of residences or buildings in an effort to identify suspicious activities and protect the tenants. Most security guards complete multiple tasks such as patrolling the building, monitoring surveillance systems, responding to alarms, and investigating problems.

Why is security guard important?

In large crowds, they maintain order and prevent the risk of mob fights, riots, or drunk and disorderly conduct. Security can help organize and control situations such as large events crowds, employee terminations, or to promote a general sense of order and safety in corporate buildings.

What are your hours of operation?

At cornerstone security, we provide the services you need at all hours to meet your security needs.

Do you run background checks for employees?

At Cornerstone, our policy on background checks for employees is comprehensive and thorough. All employees must undergo a criminal background check prior to being hired. This includes a search of national and local databases for any criminal records, as well as a check of the applicant’s driving record. Every applicant also requires a drug test for all applicants, as well as a check of the applicant’s credit report.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, Cornerstone does have insurance, safety of our employees and our clients are extremely important to us. The type and amount of insurance coverage depends on the specific services. Generally, Cornerstone will have liability insurance to cover any damages that may occur, as well as workers’ compensation insurance to cover any injuries that employees may suffer while on the job. We may also have property insurance to cover any damage to equipment or property.

Where do you provide security services?

Cornerstone Security and Transport services internationally, but we are located in the Greater Vancouver area, which is our primary focus.

About Abbotsford

About Abbotfsford, BC

Abbotsford is a city located in British Columbia, adjacent to the Canada-United States border, Greater Vancouver and the Fraser River. With an estimated population of 153,524 people it is the largest municipality in the province outside metropolitan Vancouver. Abbotsford-Mission has the third highest proportion of visible minorities among census metropolitan areas in Canada, after the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Vancouver CMA. It is home to Tradex, the University of the Fraser Valley, and Abbotsford International Airport.

As of the 2021 census, it is the largest municipality of the Fraser Valley Regional District and the fifth-largest municipality of British Columbia. The Abbotsford-Mission metropolitan area of around 195,726 inhabitants as of the 2021 census is the 23rd largest census metropolitan area in Canada. It has also been named by Statistics Canada as Canada’s most generous city in terms of charitable donations for nine straight years.

The community of 375.55 square kilometres (145.00 sq mi) is the largest city by area in British Columbia. The municipality’s southern boundary is the Canada-United States border. In Canada, it is bordered by the Township of Langley to the west, the District of Mission to the north, and the City of Chilliwack to the east. Abbotsford borders the town of Sumas, Washington, to the south. Much of Abbotsford has views of Mount Baker (to the southeast, in Washington) and the Coast Mountains (to the north).


West Abbotsford
Abbotsford West is a provincial electoral district in the Canadian province of British Columbia established by the Electoral Districts Act, 2008. It was first contested in the 2009 British Columbia general election.

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Clearbrook is a large residential area with a busy commercial strip along South Fraser Way, including chain eateries and the low-key Sevenoaks Shopping Centre. Among the district’s green spaces are Clearbrook Park, with wooded trails and sports fields, and Fishtrap Creek Park, whose wetlands are home to the endangered Nooksack dace fish. The Reach Gallery Museum displays art, culture, and local history exhibits.

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Mill Lake
Flanked by the Trans-Canada Highway, quiet Mill Lake is part of the city of Abbotsford. The Centennial Outdoor Swimming Pool and Trethewey House Heritage Site are the centrepieces of Mill Lake Park, also home to trails, an overwater boardwalk, and the Abbotsford Arts Council art gallery. The Abbotsford Arts Centre hosts regular performances, while the popular Abbotsford International Airshow happens every August.

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Bradner is a community within the City of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, located in a rural northwest region of that city which also includes Mount Lehman.

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Auguston is known for Cook Street Village, a walkable strip featuring laid-back eateries with sidewalk patios and small indie shops. Stalls crammed with local produce and crafts fill the weekly Moss Street Market, held outdoors in summer. Rows of century-old homes lead to the sea, where Clover Point Park has dramatic views of the Olympic Mountains, and Ross Bay Cemetery marks the burial spot of prominent citizens.

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Mount Lehman
Abbotsford-Mount Lehman was a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Canada from 2001 to 2009.

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Lower Ten Oaks
Chinatown is known for its buzzing food scene, which includes traditional Asian bakeries, dim sum restaurants and hip cocktail bars. Jars of ginseng and dried fish line the shelves of old-school apothecaries, while Chinese groceries stocked with live seafood.

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Townline Hill
Perched on a craggy hilltop, Rockland is an elegant neighbourhood known for Craigdarroch Castle, an ornate Victorian home built by coal baron Robert Dunsmuir.

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Upper Ten Oaks
Up-and-coming North Park is home to hip indie stores selling vinyl, bikes, and vintage furniture, plus low-key shops serving small-batch ice cream and bagels.

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Huntingdon is a community within Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. It is located immediately north of the Canada–US border, and is the location of the Sumas-Huntingdon Border Crossing. The main road through the community is Highway 11.

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Things to do in Abbotsford

Golden Ears Provincial Park
Golden Ears Provincial Park is a Provincial park in British Columbia, Canada and is 555.9 square kilometres. It is named after the prominent twin peaks which are commonly referred to as Golden Ears.

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Cultus Lake
Cultus Lake is a lake, associated community and provincial park in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada. It is the source of the Sweltzer River.

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Maan Farms Market and Estate Winery
Goat yoga, a corn maze & a petting zoo, plus kids’ games & fruit wines, at a family-run vineyard.

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The Reach Gallery Museum
The Reach Gallery Museum is a public art gallery and museum located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. It exhibits artwork from across Canada and around the world. The Reach is also the regional archival repository and houses a significant collection of material culture from the Abbotsford region.

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Castle Fun Park
Amusement park with kid-friendly rides, mini golf & batting cages, plus over 200 arcade games.

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Applebarn Pumpkin Farm (Taves Farms)
The Chinatown in Victoria, British Columbia is the oldest Chinatown in Canada and the second oldest in North America after San Francisco. Victoria’s Chinatown had its beginnings in the mid-nineteenth century in the mass influx of miners from California to what is now British Columbia in 1858.

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Hayward Lake
Hayward Lake is a lake and reservoir on the Stave River in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

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Seaside Pearl Winery
Beacon Hill Park is a 75 ha park located along the shore of Juan de Fuca Strait in Victoria, British Columbia.

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Sumas Mountain
Sumas Mountain, also referred to as Canadian Sumas to distinguish it from an identically-named mountain just 10 km to the south in U.S. state of Washington across the border, is a mountain in eastern Fraser Lowland, in the Lower Mainland region of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

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Principal Air Ltd
Queen Elizabeth Park is a 130-acre municipal park located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is located on top of Little Mountain and is the location of former basalt quarries that were dug in the beginning of the twentieth century to provide material for roads in the city.

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