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Politicians, celebrities, famous business executives, dignitaries, and others in power are always under the public scanner. They are criticized and judged in people’s eyes and sometimes face dire circumstances. What can you do in such a case? It is best to avail VIP protection in Vancouver from Cornerstone security.

What is VIP protection?

 Celebrities and famous personalities have a pre-planned marked-out routine that cannot change. Their activities are timed to the last second, and everything needs streamlining without interference or fuss. Is this possible? VIP protection allows clients to carry on their day-to-day activities without fear of safety. VIP protection in Vancouver has skilled professionals who provide discreet protection by staying in the background. Any threatening situation or problem is dealt with before it comes up.

Who needs VIP protection?

People in the public eye need a high level of protection, especially when they mingle with crowds. It’s not easy to fathom an attack or threat from an assailant, and it always comes as a shocking surprise.

A celebrity has no idea what is churning in the minds of others. They interact with hundreds of people day and night because of their entertainment, corporate, sports, musical and diplomatic responsibilities. Out of their several acquaintances, a few may not see eye to eye and develop hatred towards them.

On the other hand, professional jealousy, business status, high political inclination, competition, and profits, may lead to intimidating situations. In this case, they may be a threat of terrorist attacks, personal harm, kidnapping, or assault.VIP protection in Vancouver takes over each client, family, and assets under their wing and provides security and safety at a high level.

These famous people have to carry out critical day-to-day activities; for this, they need to feel confident to remain normal. The potential threats need neutralizing, which is an easy job for a Cornerstone security agency.

Principles of VIP Security

  1. Provide protection and defend the VIP with the help of protective gear, armed weapons, bulletproof vehicles for travel purposes, bulletproof vests, and many other ways.
  2. Threatening the attackers and instilling fear can deter them from harming the famous personality. These attackers need to be made aware of the consequences of their actions. 

By seeing someone, can you understand if they can pick up a fight easily?  

Anyone you cross on the street, meet in a grocery store, or look through a baby book shows, can, in extenuating circumstances, fight for their life or attack you if need be. In fact, do not presume that a person willing to pick up a fight will carry firearms or be the muscled and aggressive guy, ready with a punch to strike a blow at you.

Being agile and supple on the feet does not include being obnoxious or loud. A quiet, well-mannered guy who minds his business may be a trained combat fighter. The most diminutive threatening man may be the most confident fighter, but all the aggressiveness is kept under control unless it is imperative. This control is a result of their professional training. 

Let us see the indicators that may be a giveaway:

  1. If a guy or lady remains super cool and does not rile up during any angry banter, you need to be careful if there is no outward reaction at all. Beware there may be turbulent emotions under the surface.
  2. If the individual stays quiet and relaxed but stays with his hands upwards but in a comfortable position, watch out. Also, if the person maintains a distance and avoids a fight by staying calm and composed outwards, it indicates that they intentionally avoided a conflict. 
  3. If a person is ready but calm and not tense, is strong and in control, then he may know how to face an opponent. Dressed in a casual shirt but not clumsy, he may be small but in control of his limbs and ready to put up a fight if need be.
  4. Fighters are lithe and light on their feet. They are balanced, very energetic, and super quick. Check out their vigilant attitude. It may surprise you, but they are always observant, silent, and courteous.

These are some of the pointers that indicate whether a person is capable of standing up against opposition. VIP protection in Vancouver is arranged after detailed planning of discreet protection services. It covers travel assistance and logistics so that every potentially threatening situation and scenario is handled appropriately. All this can be done expertly by Cornerstone security. 


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