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Are you going on a relaxing holiday with your family? Be careful because burglars and thieves always seek a new target and a home to steal from. So, if the house is broken, you will seethe and struggle over financial losses resulting from the robbery. If you need protection in Vancouver, contact Cornerstone security and secure your belongings and home in your absence. 

Burglars are constantly on the search for vacant homes to rob. Many homeowners wonder if any signs or clues indicate that their private property is under the burglars’ scanner and has become their target. How do you warn someone that their home may be burgled into? Here are some warning signals and ideas if your home is the “chosen one”:

Usually, burglars attack flats and houses. They have their eye on any unlocked or broken door or window from where they can enter. All that prompts them is an article of value they can steal and sell to earn money.

 Let us see how burglars and thieves choose a house to rob? 

1)    Burglars have a keen eye for anything valuable in the house. Riches, money, and things of value spur them on.

2)    Thieves are always surveilling the locality. They immediately understand the patterns people follow in a particular locale and quickly learn the timetable.

3) Isolated and lone properties in rural or backbeat regions are a unique attraction to burglars, especially those with an intelligent lawn, fancy cars in the driveway, or well-maintained houses in remote neighborhood areas. 

4)    It is easy to spot houses where newspapers are piling up in front of the door, or overgrown grass lies spread on the yard. These are sure signs that people living in the house may be away on vacation.

5) Another thing thieves keep in mind is the presence of pets. Dogs protect homes from thieves; thus, a house with no dogs or cats becomes the target of burglars. 

How to avoid or prevent a break-in?

Many homeowners inquire whether there are any indications that the residence is being targeted. Is your home being bugged, and do you need protection in Vancouver? Let us see what we can do at a glance:

Surprisingly, homeowners can prevent break-ins and home burglaries, and losses incurred can be considerably avoided, if homeowners: 

  •  Report any suspicious characters lurking around in the neighborhood, 
  •  Alert and warn local officials in the area on time.
  •  Record or make a note of any dubious activity, including the time and date of the activity, make and model of any potential suspicious vehicles, 
  •  If someone’s appearance and looks seem scary or distrustful
  •  Alerting the local police for more guard posts or patrolling.
  •  Installing home security cameras and security systems that can improve home security and prevent unwanted people from entering homes, 
  •  Strengthening windows, doors, and any other potential openings or entrances to the home.
  •  Always be in touch with neighbors and inform them if you see anything suspicious in the area.
  •  Strangers strolling around in the community or the street need to be carefully assessed for their intentions. 
  •  Be careful if you keep meeting people with strange excuses and different requests repeatedly.
  •  Are there any unfamiliar vehicles patrolling around the neighborhood? Take care the miscreant may be keeping an eye on your home. 

Review recorded footage:

If your home is protected by a security system approved by Cornerstone security, make sure you routinely review the recorded camera footage and pay close attention to any unusual activity both inside and outside your property, neighborhood, or building.

Therefore, whether you are staying at home or are away for work or vacation, it is crucial to have someone look out for your home. Additionally, it’s crucial to take precautions to avoid becoming easy targets for criminals. 

If the home is broken into, it causes a lot of unease and trauma later. Besides the monetary losses, the burglary victims get petrified and cannot feel safe in their homes. Those lucky few who have escaped this situation need to stay vigilant and avail protection in Vancouver from Cornerstone security so that a burglary doesn’t happen in their home. 

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