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The primary goal while managing employees in an organization is keeping the property, staff, and customers safe. You have to ensure the security of the business premises and protect everyone from theft and fraud. But, a robbery may strike at any point; no matter how safe your workplace is, security services in Vancouver need to be a priority.

Keeping safety and security in mind, here are seven things you should do if your business is robbed.

Contact the police:

     You need professional protection. You have just been robbed! If any of your staff members have met a criminal or encountered a professional con artist, then notifying the police seems to be the best idea. Most of the time, it is office personnel who discover the robbery during off-hours. The authorities need to be contacted before you touch anything. Under no circumstance should the evidence be tampered with. Leave everything as it is on the crime scene. The police are trained professionals who can inspect and analyze the robbery with their investigative skills.

Do not let witnesses exit the crime scene:

If the robbery happened in an area where witnesses were present, it is expected that they will want to flee the crime scene. However, they need to be reassured that they are secure and under the protection of the police and Security services in Vancouver. The police commence detailed investigations and ask customers, workers, passersby and witnesses at the heist to complete the quest. It is crucial to note their names and contact information so the authorities can contact them.

Upgrade your video monitoring system:

 Overhauling the video surveillance system and installing additional cameras is an ideal way to avoid criminal activities in the future. If your commercial property is broken into again, the police can find plenty of evidence through the CCTV footage. The evidence needs evaluation to determine a connection between the criminals. Furthermore, by upgrading camera footage on the property, blind spots and unreachable areas that had been overlooked during the initial crime can be evaluated for glitches.

Protect your business and its neighboring area:

It’s a must to protect your office from both outside and inside. You need to block the exterior, back entry, front space, and parking lot after the robbery so that the crime scene stays protected and significant evidence is not misplaced. Also, your precious assets stay safeguarded in the future by these extra precautions.

Another method to safeguard the whole region is to use standard masking tape to demarcate the area and request passersby to maintain a safe distance from it. Nosy spectators can accidentally ruin evidence in the entire area, so secure the crime scene. Also, prevent injuries due to harmful objects such as shattered glass from broken doors and windows with help from Security services in Vancouver. You cannot neglect the robbed area and have to protect what is left. Secure the outside, lock doors, and ensure workers and witnesses stay from the safe, cash register, and all the other places exposed to the thief. It is essential to procure evidence of the crime at each step.

Employ professional security guards to increase safety in the workplace:

 Hiring highly trained security guards is one of the most efficient strategies to prevent future thefts. Employing security guards may appear to be expensive at first. However, getting extra security immediately after a robbery indicated that the company has implemented additional security measures to safeguard the business.If you cannot afford to engage security guards daily, you can hire them for limited hours, such as evening or night times, on specific days of the week, or at weekends.

Pass the message “we are careful now”:

 Once the obsolete video surveillance system has been upgraded, you must notify potential criminals that you have taken additional security steps to discourage crime in your company. Notices of security camera warnings, no cash kept overnight, security guard warnings on the windows, and front and rear doors will help. Posting multiple security signs in strategic areas on your business’s entry doors and exits will deter prospective robbers from conducting future break-ins. Security services in Vancouver ensure these basics.

Avoid discussing the facts and circumstances leading to the crime:

 After the police have come and finished their preliminary investigation,  staff and witnesses may feel inclined to describe the incident. Even if the media or nearby companies intervene, stay silent on the details. Even the absent employees must keep their opinions to themselves and not discuss what has occurred. The amount of money, products lost, or damages sustained are facts that only the police should know.

 When your business is looted, peace of mind and the company’s reputation are thrown into disarray. You may approach Cornerstone security services for their excellent security services in Vancouver and invest precious money in suitable sources to save your business from theft and robberies.

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