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In any event, the attendees and guests need to be safe and secure. How can you ensure secure solutions for goods and people? How can people stay safe during marginalized parades or protests? When a massive group of people gathers together, the moods are unpredictable, and organizing appropriate event security is the need of the hour. 

But the event organizers seldom consider water-tight event security because it doesn’t come cheap. So, pass the message across, events such as protests and parades need more budget allocation than the money they are assigned!

Dependable security practices to guard people:

Every time a large group of people collects together, there is a severe security threat. Many event catastrophes have taken place because of poor security arrangements. Secure solutions will protect the protesters and people at the event from potential harm. Cornerstone security agency promises to keep people safe from harm by coordinating, communicating, and guarding the venue with their security professionals. The correct security practices will ensure no damage to the property and the safety of guests. 

How can security solutions help us?

Security at events, protests, or parades is of extreme importance and covers:

1) Damages incurred to property

2) Any injury to guests

3) Controlling errant crowds

4) Handling troublesome elements in the collected group of people

5) Dealing with unexpected situations and circumstances

Cornerstone security plans security solutions by studying the location, scope, size, and event organized. What are the factors that a security agency keeps in mind while planning their “safety strategy”:

Identify all the points of entry at the venue:

The venue is porous, and there are plenty of entry points for a miscreant to make an entry. Security solutions study the venue entirely and thoroughly know the inside and outside. For all you know, there may be multiple entries from outside, and there may be back doors for the staff members that permit people entry into the area. 

A detailed diagram showing all the entry and exit points can be shared with the staff and the security personnel so that there is a clear visual understanding of the whole area. The security agency can even set up barricades and blockages to tighten security arrangements!

Highlight the security arrangements to others: 

Security solutions target potential agitators and prevent threats. If the security arrangements are openly displayed, miscreants become vigilant and get deterred. There may be trouble if agitators feel the event is unguarded and unprotected. Thus, make the arrangements such as metal detectors, CCTV cameras, other devices, etc., known to the public.

 Communication between security personnel:

Protests and parades can be organized better with suitable communication devices. The security can instantly communicate with remote parts of the area where the people are collected.

  Guest list check: 

When the crowds are significant, it isn’t easy to know about each one, but with entry tickets, you can find out details about the ticket buyer. Make the entry ticket compulsory, and conduct a background check on the buyer quickly. 

Probably, this is the ideal way to ward off potential risks at a procession and protest. If a person attending the parade is controversial, the attendees may have mixed feelings, which can be heightened and lead to agitation. Also, find out if someone has purchased many tickets to single out disruptors. 

  Increase workforce:

 Protests need controlling, so hire more staff to handle crowds. Large groups of people need to be appropriately managed, or they can become disorderly and uncontrollable. Organize the parade well to prevent riots.

Some basic instructions must be adhered to for the safety of the attendees. Let us read about essential security solutions necessary to manage crowds:

  • Ensure guests do not block the exits and start clearing the crowd if too many people collect near the exit points.
  • Use red color tape and cones to keep people in lines. People standing in a crowd tend to step out of line, which can lead to chaos, so prevent line cutting.
  • The security solutions plan is that guests do not step into the areas reserved for VIP personnel or in-house staff!
  • Many times during protests and parades, the crowd keeps growing and passes the acceptable capacity limit. If you own an entry ticket, the security persons will have an idea about the total numbers in the venue. Track numbers to prevent the capacity from going over. 

People face risk when there are big crowds because they are soft targets. It is imperative to prevent large-scale attacks, so check everyone’s bags for items that can be a threat or improvise as weapons. Professional, secure solutions ensure guest safety by preventing chemicals and weapons from entering the venue. 

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