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A lot goes into the job role of a security guard. When we talk about the VIP protection services from the best security guard company, they play an extremely crucial role in preserving the client’s public image. The world has to offer multiple types of security services, but close protection services remain the most difficult. 

VIP security guards need to always be on their best behavior and sometimes provide round-the-clock protection to the VIPs. VIP security is now widely discussed in the present landscape because if such close protection services were not present at VIPs’ disposal, they would always have to fear stepping out of their house. There would have been a constant fear in their minds of being attacked by someone; hence such situations will make them highly incapable of thinking or making any critical decisions. 

There are many times when VIP protection service in Vancouver requires constant traveling for hours and extremely close proximity to the client; hence, awareness about certain situations becomes of utmost importance. What trained security guards are well aware of is that celebrity is more than a person. They are the face of a multi-million dollar business and security personnel needs to keep celebrities away from the electronic media. According to their requirements, there are many types of security guard services that a VIP can avail of. Let us take a closer look at them through the lens of Cornerstone, a close protection service in Surrey:

  • Bodyguard Services: A personal bodyguard or a team of bodyguards are assigned to the client. These security professionals are highly trained to maintain VIP security and keep themselves highly discreet. They are always alert to notice everything about the environment and keep people away from the client to ensure utmost safety. 
  • Digital Surveillance Services: Besides offering bodyguard services, digital surveillance gives security guards a chance to keep a hawk-eye on the VIPs. Being the most modernized way of air surveillance, the digital surveillance system has augmented security levels. 
  • Security Drivers: a worthy security guard company is always on a mission to provide the best. When it comes to protecting the VIPs, security guards must come up with multiple strategies to protect their clients from any kind of threats. Hence providing secure security transport solutions can be a beneficial deal. There are chances when a VIP client can be required to evacuate the premises immediately, which is why a skilled driver should be a part of the security team.

There are multiple factors to why VIP protection services are becoming the talk of the town. They provide: 

  • Safety, mental peace & comfort
  • Identification of sophisticated technology used by criminals
  • Planning tours and programs
  • Safeguarding from all forms of potential threats

In a nutshell, we would like to say that the job of VIP security professionals comes with a lot of responsibilities and to tackle them effortlessly is possible only by the best security provider. If you wish to protect your client from all potential threats, connect with our expert team today.

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