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Miscreants are everywhere, no matter how big or small the event is, and with so much happening around the globe, it is imperative to say that the need for security professionals is required more than ever. It is not only the threat to life that has ignited the need for security but also many problems, including theft, fraud, and unpleasant guests. 

As we have said earlier, we at Cornerstone will still emphasize the fact that an event is one of the major sources of ROI for a company, and it can either make the reputation of the company making it highly profitable or break the image of the company that will stay in the headlines for quite a while. When there is a particular event, it is needless to mention that attendees’ experience matters a lot and makes a lasting impact on them so that they retain to an event for longer but what if they are the ones who are not safe enough? 

It is just one mishap, and everything in an event can go south, and your event will fetch nothing but a bad reputation. These are a few reasons why having event security service Vancouver becomes extremely important, but will stationing security guards within the premises keep the miscreants at bay? Well, that is not true. To accomplish their security guard duties, they need to equip themselves with certain tools to act more effectively in the situation. Let us take a closer look at what comes in handy for a security guard when monitoring an event:

  • Flashlight

A flashlight is among the most crucial tools security guards carry. Even if they are working during the day, in which a flashlight might not be required, it’s essential to have one, as specific scenarios could require an additional light source to make them more visible. It’s not a good idea to be in an dark area without one.

Additionally, a flashlight could be used to guard against danger. The majority of the flashlights security guards carry are long, heavy-duty metal flashlights that can be used to strike a person. There is no special education required for having an emergency flashlight, but the best security guard company provides training programs to teach them how to use a flashlight in combat. 

  • Baton

Yet another piece of necessary equipment, the baton, is used by security guards to protect themselves from any threat. Even if the security guard is not using the baton and keeping it within their belt can also discourage miscreants from creating any nuisance on the premises.

The importance of the baton is emphasized a lot in security training, and there are many states where security guards need to undergo training to handle baton.

  • Cell Phones & Walkie-Talkies

Security guards need to keep in touch with their teams at all times because a mishap can occur at any time. There are high chances that a team only will be able to handle the situation well then just one security guard. 

Also, during patrolling, they use walkie-talkies to give an update about the premises and also receive real-time situations from other guards. 

Meanwhile, a cell phone can be used to call suitable authorities right on time after to manage the incident by taking legal action.

  • Mini First Aid Kit

It is one of the perfect additions to the entire kit of a security guard because a mini first aid kit can be used by them and can be used on others who have suffered a minor injury. Keeping equipment handly gives another level of satisfaction to the client and assures them that they are safe in case of any minor damage happens.

Besides, event security service Vancouver doesn’t want to waste their time finding a kit when people look up to them to take certain actions. 

Security guards need to carry a variety of tools and pieces of equipment to neutralize the situation quickly, and there are many other essential gears, including radios, uniforms, etc, to protect the premises well. If you are looking forward to safeguarding your event and making it the next talk of the town without falling into the bad limelight, contact Cornerstone security service provider in Vancouver today.

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