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Imagine you have a business or valuable assets that generate significant revenue for you and your respective employees. And for instance, there is no asset protection service provider in your city or an average security guard to protect those commercial properties. To put it in realistic terms, it would be complete chaos.

Can you imagine a world like that? Let’s understand what would be a possible outcome of not having a security service provider in Vancouver.

Increase In Potential Theft And Robberies

The stats on theft and robberies in Canada show about 50.7 robberies reported per 100,000 residents in 2020 itself. These numbers are quite frightening and will keep on rising every month if there is no one to keep in check.

If there is no security guard to protect your business, it would be a complete loss instead of making any profits. And consequently, other businesses like shopping malls, jewelry shops, boutiques around us.

Walking In And Walking Out At Their Own Will

People can easily walk and walk out without any security check when no one is at the gate to check what people are bringing into the building and ask questions about whether they have bought or stolen an item they are carrying on their way out. It can make a considerable dent in the business on its own.

Individuals with evil intentions can quickly go in and out of the building by taking whatever they want. In situations like this, the ratio of thefts and other criminal activities can automatically be minimized if security guards can track who enters and leaves the building.

No Existence Of Law And Order

Without any private security service provider maintaining any law and order in the business center will be next to impossible. Humans tend to be irresponsible sometimes when there is no authoritative figure to stop us. Hiring a security service provider in Vancouver will ensure that the agency will maintain things under control.

It will also give room for the business to grow by focusing on the core business operations and optimizing them if necessary.

Overcrowdedness In The Establishment

Qualified security guards are appointed at the entrance of every commercial establishment to control the footprint. And allow people to enter it based on a certain individual profile and principles set by the business.

If there is no one on duty, the place will be overcrowded. And more people in the building means more cases of theft, damage to the property, and tripping.

Damage To The Property

The absence of security personnel will definitely result in damage to the assets and infrastructure. People in the building might get out of control and damage things that are inside the building. Also, certain things are quite expensive and brought only once.

Security personnel can protect your business assets from angry protesters, crowds or any other lawbreaking elements. Our security guards are trained and tested against extreme situations and have developed strategies to tackle this.

Crucial Role In This Pandemic

Security guards have played a significant role in public avenues like markets, hospitals, and shopping malls, especially during this COVID season. They have enforced a “NO MASK NO SERVICE” policy everywhere and have directed people not to gather.

Without them, it would not have been possible to control the crowd and compel them to follow what is good for them and their people.

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