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A lot goes into making a show memorable. It is more than the bright lights and energized crowd humming the tune along with the artist. Safety and security must be kept at top priority for you because things can get out of hand reasonably quickly when hosting events. It can be due to a large gathering of excited people and intoxicated people making the most out of their concerts.  

Security should be the top priority of every event because too many people gathering at the same place can not always be safe. Enforcing security measures at the right time will keep you safe and make your event a success. Being a close protection service in Surrey, we at Cornerstone are here to tell you why is standard security procedure necessary for your concerts: 

Choosing the Best Security Guard Company

Even for smaller venues, having trained security personnel is crucial when anything goes wrong. It’s not enough to allow guests to be able to see security personnel simply. Attention to detail is essential to create the impression of security, and in the event of an emergency arises. “Attentive” security personnel can easily communicate with concertgoers as they arrive. They also perform security checks, and many compatible security services like ours offer secure transport solutions. These professionals are on guard to identify any signs of a problem and take proactive action in situations that may be headed towards a negative outcome.

Train All Your Staff Members

If you’ve hired security personnel for your events, you should hold multiple training sessions for the entire staff at your venue, to ensure that they can manage small incidents and know what to do in the event that an issue becomes more serious. Develop a plan, assign the staff members specific roles, and train them on emergency procedures.

Collaboration with local police forces and emergency medical services to train can further prepare your staff for any situations that could occur, from a fight and medical crises. Cornerstone, being a VIP protection service in Vancouver, provides important training to the staff members so that they can coordinate well with security. 

Establishing a connection with emergency services in the local area will also help communicate between your facility and their staff more efficiently in the case of an emergency.

An added advantage here is that even if you don’t have an emergency, you’ll have established your location in the local area through this partnership.

Curate a Safety Checklist

Make a checklist of things to be done before the event gets underway and assign the items to the team members to ensure no object poses a risk. This may include providing that fire-fighter kits, first aid supplies, and other equipments are readily available and in the correct locations, that restricted areas are identified, and that the staff members who require personal safety equipment have access to the equipment. This checklist will help ensure that everything is in order and everyone is on the same level. 

Use Proper Signage

It is vital to ensure that all exits for emergencies have been identified and clear of obstructions throughout and following the event. It may also be beneficial to display signs that include the number to dial or text if attendees spot an impending danger or are in an uncomfortable position and require assistance. Placing up signs with an informational tip line for when the person attending notices any problems or requests assistance anonymously can make it clear that guests are safe. 

These messages can be placed in bathrooms, attached to smaller tabletop signposts, or even on ticket stubs or programs. You should have people on your team who will be watching and responding to all received messages.

Keep Following Up!

If you were given attendees with contact information or email addresses when the booking, you can send them a brief security check-in or survey following the event to inquire about how they felt safe during the event, and if there were any incidents, if security was able to handle the situation appropriately and any suggestions for creating a more secure future event. 

Your events can be a huge success if your hire the best security guard company for yourself and fortify your premises. With the support of Cornerstone, you can make your events a talk of the town and secure all your guests without a hassle.

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