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As an event organizer, you might consider your responsibilities as the journalist who is writing an article to present the most compelling story to your viewers and ensure that your guests’ needs are satisfied. It can help address the classic “Five Ws” about your event before beginning the planning process.

Event security service Vancouver, Cornerstone is here to tell you what are the 5 W’s that can truly make your event sensational, perfect, and free from any hassle:

1. Why

This “W” symbolizes the ultimate purpose of your gathering. What is the reason you are hosting it in the first instance? What do you hope to achieve? Setting these goals in advance will ensure that every element that you host is designed towards the same purpose. For instance, an event with the stated purpose of attracting new customers is likely to be conducted differently than those aimed at rewarding loyal customers for their loyalty.

2. Who

Next time, you should determine who your ideal group of people is. Also, what are the excellent guests you would want in front of you if time and circumstance allowed? Create your event with these people in mind. The others will follow. This will enable you to create your marketing personas in mind when planning. This makes the whole procedure feel more accurate and the final result better thought out.

3. What

You might have thought of asking what the event’s theme is the time to ask the question. What is the topic of the event? What message do you wish to convey to the attendees? While it’s good to have a plan in mind at the outset, the goals you have established and your intended audience will determine the answer. You might have the most brilliant idea of all time for a subject; however, should it not be of interest to the audience you’re trying to gather, then it’s not worth your time or effort at this point.

4. Where

Once you’ve established the basic principles of the event, It’s now time to think about the logistics of holding the event. What location will the event take place? Is the venue spacious enough to accommodate your intended audience or tiny sufficient so that any extra area isn’t a problem? Does the venue have the capacity to meet your AV needs (power or wifi for attendees or only microphones, presenters, etc.) as well as meet particular requirements regarding catering and parking? These details will help you determine if your “desired venue is an appropriate venue for the event you’ve got in your head.

5. When

The timing of events is usually determined by the venue chosen and the venue’s availability, which is why we advise you to address the issue of availability first. After that, you must determine the date you’d like to hold your event. Considerations to consider: are other important events taking place in the same place simultaneously (think travel, traffic or a smaller audience)? Do you have a clash with any significant local or national holidays or celebrations? These questions can assist you in choosing a non-contradictory time to allow you to make your celebration shine.

‍The bonus tip here is the 6th question you need to tell yourself, and it is “hire”, yes. Hiring the best security guard company can sort many things for you and your event; hence it is imperative to have close protection service at your behest.

How does Cornerstone, a close protection service in Surrey and Vancouver, Help You?

Planning an event is overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry about it much because, with the support of Cornerstone, you can not only fortify your affairs but also have a custom plan for yourself based on your security needs. From providing celebrity security in Vancouver to secure transport solutions, the dedicated team of Cornerstone will be able to help you with the best security solutions. 

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