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Security is a significant concern to everyone and is particularly relevant for VIPs such as celebrities as well as politicians, executives, and other prominent individuals. People who are famous and in the spotlight have unique security needs that can only be catered to by the best security guard company. This is why celebrities seek the assistance of a skilled and well-experienced security company that specializes in offering VIP protection services in Vancouver.

Fame comes with its benefits, but it also comes with problems. Famous people are always at risk when they leave their offices or homes and what is sad is that they are often not secure in their homes as well. Cornerstone is a trustworthy, discrete, and skilled security provider that can keep any famous personality away from problems. 

Security Risks for VIPs and celebrities

Why are famous people more at risk of security risks? Celebrities who are frequently seen in the spotlight are at risk for various reasons. The most frequent are:

  • Overzealous fans
  • Massive crowds
  • Stalkers
  • Money
  • Fame

With the advent of social media, fans can know the lives of celebrities without any problem. Logging into Instagram or Facebook will show you which celebrity you love is spending time with, their routines, and what’s going on in their private lives. While this may be exciting for those who follow them, it could make celebrities vulnerable to becoming the target of those who want to harm them.

Paparazzi and gossip websites follow famous people ardently, so their location and the private details of their lives are available throughout the globe. Due to the abundance of information available, we often know the exact location of celebrities. It dramatically increases the chance of a naive stalker or fan making contact when they’re there.

The ferocious crowds that gather to see a star, sportsperson, or other celebrity tend to get way too excited. It’s not unusual for groups to get excessively enthusiastic, causing damage to themselves and the person they are watching.

Stalkers are yet another unfortunate outcome of fame. There are many stories where celebrities are followed or harassed, or stalkers destroy even their homes. Many celebrities have experienced how a stalker can go to watch them. Unfortunately, famous people cannot lead a peaceful life both inside and outside their homes, but bodyguard services provider Vancouver follow the below-mentioned steps to keep celebrities safe at all times: 

  • Draw Caution on Weapons

While movies may depict the job, however, the position of a bodyguard isn’t only about drawing guns to get involved in a battle.

When drawing the gun, it is essential to consider how discreet they are. The person who draws the weapon must be aware that it could negatively influence the appearance of the client they are protecting. This is particularly true for bodyguards who are carrying weapons and are referred to as bodyguards with arms. Therefore, they must be extra careful when moving or showing weapons.

  • Look Out for Details

A bodyguard for celebrity security in Vancouver should be attentive to the smallest things. This can mean keeping an eye on anything suspicious and going to any length to learn about the client’s daily routine.

It also means being aware of your surroundings and the client’s current situation using a ‘hawk’s-eye and, for instance, turning on the air cooling for the customer in the car just within a couple of minutes before they get in the car (on an afternoon in summer).

  • Beware of Staying Away from the Limelight

A bodyguard shouldn’t post images that he is posting on Facebook while he is looking after his client. It is detrimental to his career and is not a good idea.

It’s stated that when choosing bodyguards, one should eliminate anyone trying to be in the spotlight due to the person’s fame. It is not recommended as a possible protector of famous personalities.

  • Keep a Low Profile

Who doesn’t want to be seen in the shadows of famous people as an unofficial appendage for protecting a celebrity’s life and ensuring their lives and livelihood? Bodyguards should maintain a low profile. This could mean being at a table a little away from the famous or a microphone and mic and having food items on the table (to make it appear more convincing). There is a lot to the job of a security guard, and when it comes to handling VIPs, bodyguards are required to be on their A-game 24/7. If you are on the lookout for the best bodyguard services provider Vancouver, we at Cornerstone are here to help you. Connect with us today to know what more we have to offer.

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