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With venues opening back up to full capacity and clients going back to regular lifestyles, the importance for security personnel trained in first aid has increased. With everyone returning to large crowds and gatherings, people are adjusting to their normal social comfort zones. The approach for security at large venues and establishments has changed as threats and vulnerabilities in these environments continue to evolve.

Being a Close Protection Services in Vancouver, our security personnel are specially trained to care for victims of emergency medical conditions. The advantages of hiring security guards who have CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training, addition, are a step ahead of ordinary security guards. Thus, the advantages of employing security guards are higher. There are three major benefits that prove it’s crucial to hire first-aid CPR security guards in any property or building.

  1. Improves safety: The principle of first aid involves “prevention.” It’s always better to be secure than regretful. The knowledge of first aid increases an atmosphere of safety and well-being for all people, causing people to be more aware and confident in the area they live in. Being aware and wanting to avoid accidents will ensure that you are safer and more secure, decreasing the number of injuries and fatalities.
  2. Aids in relieving pain: Certain injuries require an easy solution, such as applying a cold pack or a short rub. They provide immediate assistance: Security guards are found in every area of our lives. If they are skilled in first-aid and CPR methods, and help in high-pressure situations. They can offer essential medical assistance to hurt or injured people before the arrival of paramedics.
  3. They help calm the situation: People are prone to panic in emergencies or in a situation that is threatening to kill. However, it’s essential to remain calm and act rationally in such instances. Cornerstone’s CPR security personnel are usually hired for their steady and patient persona and can help create a calm environment. They strive to manage individuals who are affected by the incident and keep the peace while providing secure transport solutions. In addition, these security guards guarantee their physical safety, but they also provide emotional assistance.
  4. They can perform multiple tasks: The primary job of a security guard is to ensure the security and safety of the people and properties they protect and ensure order within the premises. As one of the highest-rated security guard companies in Vancouver, our people are trained to carry out other duties including such as rescuing injured people. Security guards who have been specially trained are well-prepared and ready to deal with any injuries. This is different from regular security guards as they can perform multiple duties at any point in time.

First aid training is an essential skillset in security. The focus for all of our officers is to train for any situation, whether through physical training such as First Aid, or role-play for officers. Cornerstone believes that all dots connect backward, therefore, we train and prepare for whatever may come.

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