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Security guard jobs are no more about guarding premises, patrolling, or looking up for people in a directory when they enter the premises. The modern era demands more from security guards, so many best security guard companies are focusing on broadening their horizons to include a vast list of services. Many people ignore the importance of physical security, which opens them up to the risks of theft, burglary, vandalism, fire, etc. 

The relevance of Physical Security is not just limited to territorial protection but also extends to the assurance of smooth functioning, a sense of safety, and minimizing chaos. We should focus on both physical as well as cyber security.

Today, the security industry is playing a massive role in the economy. Many companies are developing appropriate strategies to embark on the security guard industry. Let’s discuss the kinds of securities you need to protect your premises, workplace, property, and your loved ones: 

  1. Event Security

Events give people an opportunity to have a gala time, whether it is a simple house party or a big-sized corporate event. What an event planner should never forget is the security of people. Event managers already have a lot on their plate, and a security bug is the last thing they might want. 

Hiring security guard service for your events can come with a lot of perks, including:

  • Supervising a large audience or crowd.
  •  Make sure that no one brings restricted items to the event.
  • It gives peace to event managers and the hosts, and hence they can give priority to other things
  • Avoid quarrels or mishappenings.
  • Helping in guest coordination as well.
  • Prevent party crashers  

2. Alarm Monitoring

 The decisions made by security professionals at the best security provider in Canada can be more accurate if they have a suitable alarm system at their behest. They include motion, perimeter, contact, and glass break detectors. Sometimes, intruders try to check the capabilities of the alarms, but sometimes the powers of the alarm are judged by the trespassers. They may try to hack the alarm or manipulate its working. Be aware of these kinds of situations.

Alarms will give a prompt response when unauthorized access is attempted. Loud audible alarms can be placed to scare the trespasser.

3. Video Surveillance

One should never compromise on the quality and features of closed-circuit television (CCTV). Video surveillance can play a vital role in avoiding theft and other mishappenings. Besides, they can always be placed in a prominent location so that the trespasser knows they are under surveillance. A high-quality video camera should ensure that the intruder’s face is visible in data storage. For tight security, a trained person along with a team should be hired to monitor the camera throughout the day. 

4. Fire Security 

Many people ignore the importance of installing fire extinguishers and other essential equipment because they do not find it necessary. Needless to say but fire can occur anytime, and having fire detectors in place becomes a compulsion to mitigate any risks. Always put on carbon monoxide detectors and other tools to manage the sudden threat of an unexpected fire. Curbing fire is the key; hence equip your buildings with appropriate firefighting tools. 

Everyone should learn the working of fire extinguishers, tips, and tricks to save yourselves in the event of overexploitation in a building from the fire mock drills. It assists you in keeping your life and the people around you. The building you are in will be saved.  

5. Firewall Configuration

Firewalls are considered the first step toward the defense of network security. A firewall and software will work as a shield to protect the data from hackers, unauthorized outbound communication, filtering unnecessary traffic, or anything else that might put you or your PC at risk.  

With the help of a firewall- 

  • You will be able to skip the visit to unknown links 
  • You will be able to create strong passwords. 
  • All your personal and professional information will be protected, no matter what. 
  • Backup of data is assured. No hacker can breach the data. 

ConclusionTalking about the securities you may not have considered, one should speak to a private security service provider and hire a professional to protect them from unexpected mishaps. Cornerstone, a security company, will provide you with the best security personnel as per your requirements. Reach out to us by email.

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