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When we hear the word summer, we have a picture of beaches, pools, video games, extraordinary vacations, etc in our mind right away. As much as we are waiting for a fun time in summer, looters are excessively hanging tight for us to commit a plain error to barge right in the house. When we forget or commit a mistake with our security system while leaving the house, we become victims of household property theft.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has issued a special report examining 17 years of household theft. They came up with the result. Looking at the robbery of household property victimization rates in summer and winter, summer rates were 7-8% higher than in winter. 

No, our aim is not to scare you but inform you on the tips and tricks which secure not only your premises but also your loved ones. With many best security guard companies like Cornerstone, you can have a breath of relief. Without any further ado, let us take a deeper dive into the security tips to keep your home safe this summer.

1. Install A Smart Home Security System

Home security systems have enormous advantages, they will instantly alert you if they detect any breach in security. They will notify you immediately on the mobile phone. These gadgets have the features of motion detection, life safety protection, video surveillance, etc. 

  • Good Quality Camera With A Good Sound System
  • Install Fire Alarms
  • Window Sensors
  • Add A Door Brace
  • Add A Peephole
  1. Buy A Good Home Locker

Buy a good fingerprint or password-enabled safe for your home. Pro tip – Kindly keep all the important things like documents, jewellery and cash in the locker. The locker should be kept in the regions of home where looters might not think of it. 

3. Don’t Post It On Social Media

While enjoying the trip, we almost forget that posting every update on social media with strangers is also a loophole in our security. To avoid it, we can post all the stories after the trip or we can post them privately. We should ensure that you switch off the GPS tracking feature on your phone or social media app.

4. Bring Professional Security Service At Home 

One should always give priority to security.  The above-discussed gadgets are technology-driven. The trespasser can be an ethical hacker and can easily hamper the data of camera recordings. This equipment is suitable for security, but no one can beat the power of physical security. When going out for trips or even on regular days, there should be a professional security guard to watch out for the possibility of theft. 

Cornerstone is a private security service provider that will help you skip thinking about household theft.  Give them a chance to prove themselves with the best security services. 

Final Word-

We should never compromise our security, never allow a single opportunity for a burglar to loot all your wealth, which we acquired with our persistent effort. Call Cornerstone, one of the best security services for a free consultation today. We will do in-depth security planning with you. We want you to travel with peace of mind and invest excellent quality time and energy with your loved ones. 

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