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Security services are the talk of the town, and why shouldn’t they be? According to the AMA, from mitigating disturbances to giving a hard pass to the troublemakers by taking the right step, security services are set to grow into a vast industry in the future by 8.9%. 

Although it is undeniably true that physical security saves an estate and people against vandalism, theft, terrorism, and fire since technological advancements are spearheading every arena in the world today, amalgamating physical security with technology can bring out exceptional results in the future. VIP Protection services in Vancouver like Cornerstone is making new strategies to further pioneer in the security industry and produce groundbreaking results. 

The evolving landscape of the security services will further need a touch of technological advancements to expand portfolios. The major market drivers behind the growing demand to augment security systems are many, including:

  • The number of rising cases of vandalism and thefts
  • Surging mobile-based access control 
  • Mitigate surveillance challenges 
  • Search for much reliable yet secure transport solutions

One of the most crucial points is that security is no longer about observing and reporting but is now driven by data-based analytics. Since technology is taking over, let u see what the top 4 trends in the security industry that will churn optimum results for the security world in the future are:

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has and will always be at the forefront of everything and that is why AI here to is on a top spot because this technology is changing the dynamics of the world and how businesses run. AI is everywhere whether we realize it or not, from product recommendations to us asking Google a question. AI is always running in the background to allow apps to better align with the requirements. According to an estimation, AI in the security market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of a18.64% from the year 2019-2024. 

The reason for AI to shine bright is because it will make the monitoring more efficient and also improve operator efficiency. AI techniques like ML (Machine Learning) are highly capable of statistical decisions out of the vast data available.

2. Remote Security Options

The world of virtual guarding is filled with benefits, and many tools like motion alarms and security cameras are already providing a high level of security. Still, techniques such as video analytics software for alarm detection and drones will be the best friends with the staffed security services.

These security options will not only help security guards in monitoring wider areas but also will allow them to take appropriate options. The benefits associated with it are twofold, they enable businesses to focus on distancing measures owing to COVID exposure and would allow organizations to have around-the-clock watches, not to mention sensitive threat detection.

3. 5G

5G swept the headlines, and why shouldn’t it? Many people were questioning the credibility of the 5G connectivity. There were many opinions on whether the whole 5G buzz is fake or real, but thanks to the technology, 5G made a huge impact in speed because which security industry can now make faster decisions because devices take brisk time to reply. The latency is quick, due to which data transfers are now quick.

4. Visual Verification

The ordinance of false alarms does not seem to stop; hence the demand for verified response is rising with each passing day. Visual verification allows security businesses to have reduced contact services and are better able to provide evidence in case any crime occurs on the premises. Besides this, video analytics software is coming into play and making the surveillance operations much better.

The formats of video analytics vary widely, and they can be used to detect motion, go through license plates and count the number of people in the room. 

In a nutshell, the next biggest thing for security services is the redefined technological intervention that includes the power of AI & ML, high-speed internet, and whatnot. With Cornerstone being the best bodyguard services provider in Vancouver, we aim to give an unmatched experience to all our customers. Want to know more about our offerings? contact us today. 

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