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Distribution centers and warehouses typically present a unique problem for conventional security solutions. Because of their massive size and complicated layout, they are often vulnerable to attacks that expose your stock to external threats like burglaries, but also internal perils, such as theft by employees. At Cornerstone, a VIP protection service in Vancouver, we come up with five practical ways you can improve security at your distribution center or warehouse and secure your valuable assets and inventory from any sort of vandalism and theft.

Screen employees
Conduct screening for employees ahead of hiring, which includes an investigation into criminal history. This will allow you to identify the high-risk candidates with a past history of theft of inventory. This immediately reduces the risk. Conducting a thorough background search can also confirm the history of employment, education and references, giving an opportunity to make educated hiring decisions.

Limit Access
A controlled access control system can block individuals who are not authorized from accessing restricted areas of your site. You can control the access level for every employee while limiting access to employees and non-employees at same simultaneously. With this method, you’ll reduce the amount of traffic and thus the chance of vandalism or theft simply by restricting the number of customers and employees who can access the area.

This is an effective strategy to safeguard your confidential data or “hot products” frequently offered on the streets, or even items that are easy to steal, for example, products for offices or office supplies. It’s also a method to deter criminals who might enter unlocked storerooms or offices to make money, employee goods or your personal items and merchandise, as it provides an additional security measure they have to overcome.

Security Monitoring for CCTV
You may have already set up a CCTV security system. It is essential to ensure that you’re monitoring it regularly. It is recommended to install several video screens throughout your establishment, in the cafeteria, the general office, etc. In this way, there’ll be at least a few eyes looking at what’s going on in your establishment. Thieves are quick to detect a dated surveillance system, its flaws and blind spots or one that’s not frequently monitored.

Secure Valued Assets
Although your entire inventory is valuable, make sure to keep “hot items” and “in-demand” items with greater importance in a different and secure location. You may also restrict those items’ access using the same access control system by locking the area.

Validated Security
Verified security technology One Sonitrol sensor can cover up to 5,000 square feet. Strategically placed audio sensors give wall-to-wall coverage and floor-to-ceiling coverage that is perfect for distribution centers and warehouses of any size.

At Cornerstone, we aim to provide the best secure transport solution and the best security guard services in Vancouver and Surrey. With our trained security experts, we provide highly flexible solutions that can fit all your needs. If you want to know what more we have to offer you as one of the best security guard companies, then contact us today!

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