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As a leading security service provider in Vancouver and Surrey, there are multiple challenges that we face while trying to manage guards. Just to name a few, staffing shortages or inadequate analytics are quite persistent, but apart from these, let us take a closer look at what are the set of difficulties that even the best security guard company can face:

  • Staff and Skills Shortage

It is true that the job of a security guard is not easy. They require to be extremely vigilant and have a composed acumen to tackle every situation with ease without causing any harm to any citizen. Finding and hiring experienced security guards can be a real task because not every personnel is accustomed to a different security landscape. 

Since the security industry is evolving significantly and new technologies are making a breakthrough to improve the surveillance system, not everyone has sufficient training to operate such systems. 

There are high chances that to fill the gap within a specific portfolio, existing security guards require to pitch in, they surely step up for the job, but it comes with a particular set of limitations. Slower and failed responses are likely the results of a new situation that they have not had the chance to deal with in their career. These responses can be sharpened overtime only with adequate training.

  • Lack of Effective Communication Skills 

It is without a doubt true that communication is essential in almost everything. Hence, it becomes equally crucial for the best security guard company to hire people who are able to communicate effortlessly. 

Excellent communication skills will allow personnel to communicate with one another effectively and delegate tasks to each other without any problem. The real issue is that the companies sometimes cannot find good communicators that can boost trust in the team; hence there are many times when there is no appropriate response to situations because the team as a whole was not able to maintain transparency. 

  • High Team Motivation and High Performance

We can hire guards after thoroughly interviewing them, and they definitely do justice to the job but what is hard is maintaining the motivation and high-performance levels at all times. This poses one of the biggest challenges because security guards are heavily exposed to threats and optimally recognized, including many other factors. 

Since the advent of technology is significantly increasing within the security sector, many real-time reporting technologies can ease the job and deter crime, but operating such technologies comes with a lot of training. In order to work this dynamic out, companies need to either work rigorously on training the personnel on such systems or look for highly experienced guards. Both of these work out well, but they require a significant amount of time, and as the industry is extremely fast-paced, this can be one of the subtle challenges. 

Cornerstone, a close protection service in Surrey, always aims to work hard on these and other new challenges that may arise in the future to ensure that our clients are always safe after being associated with us. From building highly customized plans to providing secure transport solutions, we are always on the lookout for the best. Connect with us today, and let us discuss new possibilities of fortifying your premises.

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