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Since Covid-19 made everyone’s life unpredictable and paved the way for many industries to bring new ideas on the ground, as much as the dynamics are changing with each passing day, the security industry has been significantly able to bring new revolutions that can be efficiently executed and maximizes the protection of premises. Whether it is implementing secure transport solutions to safeguarding events, physical security is ascertaining a competitive edge and achieving significant milestones in mitigating risks of vandalism, thefts, and other hideous crimes. 

The year 2021 marked a very important chapter in people’s lives, and it is that change is an inevitable part of life. To accommodate the new requirements, people, especially the companies, should have flexible outlines that can fit new demands. While 2021 brought recent changes, the year 2022 focused on driving new developments such as remote working culture, changing workplace layouts, and, most importantly, digital adaptability to strengthen security pursuits further. 

The traditional security method is ebbing, and the modern era of the security world is embracing new changes. The technological changes are such that if you type “securities agencies near me“, you will get the best of the best in the search engine recommendation. Now, since the world is ever-evolving, everything is on the fingers. The year 2022 and beyond is set to see new changes. Let us figure out what are the five physical security trends:

  • Physical and Cybersecurity Merges Together

Organizations all around the globe have essential data which should be well concealed at all times. As much as their need for cybersecurity increases, protecting the premises where vital data is stored or worked upon becomes a highly crucial point.

Hacking is not the only thing that the organization is prone to. There can be physical breaches where confidential data is secured, and it is not feasible in any way to the organization. When physical security gels with cloud-based technologies, there is an increase in employee retention rate. With the rise of offices in multiple locations, it becomes imperative for organizations to have professional security guards to fortify their fronts. 

  • Supply Chain Will Have An Edge 

Scrutinizing physical security solution providers and manufacturers will become a big deal for businesses as physical security technology will be considered one of the most essential organizational stacks.

This trend will allow organizations to consider the functionalities that physical security has to offer. This emerging trend will also put vendors on a pedestal where they will have to consider their services to a greater extent. 

  • New Access Control & Video Analytics Solutions

Access control can be the next biggest thing that people can look forward to because, according to many security experts, access control can give them the ability to reach new goals and bring new changes to their traditional security practices. With access control in the world of physical security, there will be limitations to physical interaction, but the overall essence of security is set to enhance.

Video analytics solutions will have a more significant impact as the site security will strengthen even further, and the access to clear pictures will allow the security professional to have insights into the environment.

  • Custom Security Solutions

Changes are imperative, and to provide all-around security to premises, there needs to be the option of customization available to businesses because each of them has a different need. Many organizations, such as Cornerstone, a VIP Protection service in Vancouver, provide industry-wise security solutions that are going to only get better with each passing day.

As the user’s need are evolving, a more customized approach will allow the business of physical security to reach a new pinnacle while allowing firms to choose from the buffet of services.

  • Drones For Better Surveillance

The concept of drones started expanding right from the moment it was introduced. From defense purposes to secure transport solutions, drones carry top-notch cameras, microphones, and the ability to intercept telecommunication. As per the business insider, the drone service market will exceed $63 billion by 2025, and there are modules under development that can work on drones to mitigate response time and improve threat detection. 

There are many things in the store waiting to make the physical security industry a big success, and this same stage is just the beginning. Multiple security providers like ours are planning to amalgamate technological advancements into the services to churn optimum results. So are you are on the lookout for a competent security service provider in Vancouver? Cornerstone is just the right place for you for addressing all your security needs!

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