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There are many best security guard companies lingering around for quite a while now, boasting about their services and 100% honest client testimonials. While most of the services these companies provide are proven to be accurate, you need to perform your due diligence and find the company that fits all your requirements.

As one of the best celebrity security services providers, we understand that quick thinking, diplomacy, and a solid urge to snorkel people are the keys in order to protecting famous personalities from threat. There is a lot to watch celebrities, and only a highly competitive company can do justice to the job. 

The reason why not every security company can do justice to protect celebrities is that the world’s wealthiest people control a huge amount of wealth which at times is even more than an entire company’s GDP. With that being said, these influential people are exposed to dangers at all times. With the help of Cornerstone, let us see what qualities you can look for in celebrity security in Vancouver. 

  • Communication and diplomacy are crucial

It is a widespread belief that broad and tall bodyguards are ideal in protecting celebrities but on the contrary, being a good bodyguard involves more wit. People who are “soft talkers” and have a way to deal with situations diplomatically are the ones who can ace the job of being a bodyguard. 

When celebrities face trouble, they want people who can provide a different level of protection and demonstrate utmost professionalism. The pictures that rotate on the internet of celebrities surrounded by bodyguards with good physiques are usually done for aesthetics. 

  • Upbeat and flexible attitude are the key

The job of a security guard is not easy; it can at times get on nerves because officers spend hours finding solutions to the event that might occur, only for everything to change at the last moment. Because the lives of celebrities include extremely unplanned events, security guards need to be adept and on their feet.

There can be times when security guards need to remain incognito to help clients remain low profile in the surroundings. It is also true that there can be many trips involved in the way for which an efficient bodyguard will always be prepared. It is a considerable possibility that few clients can be very hard to deal with, and hiring bodyguards from a good service provider is fruitful because they quickly adapt to clients’ whims.

  • Highly trained in defensive tactics & trustworthy

Celebrity protection in Vancouver undergoes extensive training on defensive tactics, including handing weapons, first aid kit management, and secure transport solutions. 

To many people, they believe that having a bodyguard at their behest can keep them safe, but a good security provider will assess all the security threats to keep the client safe without exposing them to any danger.  

You must be tired from searching “security agencies near me” every now and then to find the best security guard company. We hope your research is going well, but we at Cornerstone are here to tell you how you can hire a highly competitive security guard company that protects you round the clock and takes a maximum load off your shoulders. Contact us today to know how we can help.

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