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Just like a business is nothing without operations, video surveillance is one of the most essential essences of security. High-quality cameras always keep people in check and record all their activities to avoid any future crimes. The benefits of having a sound video surveillance system are endless, and with the best security guard company like Cornerstone, you can keep all your security-related hassles at bay.

Providing close protection services in Surrey as well as Vancouver, today we at Cornerstone are here to help you in knowing how video surveillance protects your business: 

1. No Room For Criminals and No Trespassing

One of the main benefits of surveillance via video is the ability to catch criminals who may be attempting to commit theft, vandalize, or harm your business in any way. Professional guards of private security service providers, watching live videos, may spot criminals in the act and stop them or call the authorities.

Additionally, video footage recorded could help police identify a criminal following the commission of a crime. This is why it’s vital to use high-quality video cameras that are appropriately placed within your company.

Criminals are less likely to target firms with a robust security system. By installing video surveillance, you’ll make your workplace safer for your employees as well as customers.

2. Contact Authorities In A Snap

If a crime happens, even when there is no one around when it happens, you can use the verification of video to enhance the effectiveness of your video surveillance.

Video verification operates as follows: 

It works because you and a 24-hour monitoring center are immediately informed whenever an alarm sounds.

You’ll get a video of the event that triggered the alarm.

If an emergency occurs, the monitoring team will contact 911 and then share the footage with the goal of letting personnel know how they should respond.

This specialized service ensures that police response times are faster, and you can rest sure that your emergency will be dealt with swiftly.

3. There Is No Workplace Violence With the Best Security Guard Company

The fear of violence in the workplace affects employees, but it could also have an effect on customers when employees are unhappy, stressed, or distracted in their work. Additionally, you may face the possibility of a lawsuit when someone is injured due to workplace violence.

One of the best methods to stop violence in the workplace is through video surveillance. The perpetrators are less likely to commit crimes if they know their actions will be recorded on video. Potential victims have security knowing they’re secure by registering their activities on video.

From VIP protection service in Vancouver to event security, we at Cornerstone are working round the clock to collaborate with you. We envision robust strategies that will not only protect your premises but will give a unique sense of confidence. It is essential to have a competent security service at your behest that can protect your business with determination. Know more about our services today, contact us. 

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