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People often organize events, but the safety arrangements are the last component they consider because of budgetary constraints. But, cornerstone security takes care of the security at events at reasonable rates and teaches you “how to safely throw the next major event”?

Security at events is imperative, or the rowdy crowds can cause a disaster. Let’s see what you should do to prevent disaster:

Assess potential security risks: Well, the bigger the event the more the security risks. You need to understand what you face and what you need to keep in mind:

  • Is the event for a group or one person, and who is the host of the event?
  • Are the attendees celebrities, famous or controversial people?
  • Can the event topic lead to unrest or security during the event? 
  • Can the crowd become unruly and create protests and counter-protests that can threaten security personnel?
  • Will there be a large audience with plenty of media persons?
  • Assess the security vulnerabilities 
  • Check whether the event venue has safe escape routes so people can get away in an emergency.
  • Is there a forest, highway, or river nearby because either can be categorized as a non-human security threat?

The answers will help you analyze the threats you may face during the event.

Security measures should be visible: Security measures are taken to prevent threats from happening. The arrangements need to be watertight and visible so that a potential agitator gets apprehensive of the tight measures and moves on without trying to harm others. Thus, make sure there are metal detectors covered ingeniously in the décor but visible to the agitator’s eyes. This way, prohibited items will not be allowed into the venue, and the attendees will remain safe.

Arrange security checkpoints: Checkpoints with professionals keeps people safe because agitators cannot pass through. Everyone attending the event has to pass through a security check. 

Bad elements are often discouraged by security checkpoints and may not be able to give shape to their dark plans. 

Entry with identification tickets: information regarding the people attending the events can be stored in advance during registration. In this way, management can match IDs with the information given to the authorities at the time of registration. Authorities must keep the name, address, date of birth, social security number, etc while registering the person. The belongings and bags of the people attending the event need to be properly screened with a hand-held metal detector, and only then should they be allowed to enter.

Try to maintain the privacy of the private events: It is not surprising that people organize events for publicity. However, some organizations are referred to keep a low profile and do not directly open information to the public. They may not advertise the event on social media, websites, press releases, and newsletters. Informing the public openly about an event can pose a serious security threat. For example, if a private dinner has been hosted for the company’s close guests and upper management, they should keep it under wraps, and nobody should be informed. 

If information leaks out, then the agitators can cause harm. Inform the public only if the event needs this kind of exposure. Politically charged opponents are everywhere, and thus it is a good idea to maintain a group’s privacy. 

Manage cyber threats:

Did you get any cyber threats? Social media is very rampant, and people are very active on it. 

Information can be easily shared on social media, especially if free Internet is available at the party site. Cyber security steps can prevent them from taking place.

Always have an emergency plan ready: an emergency can creep up anytime, and you need your security team to be vigilant and always prepared. An emergency response plan is superb and helps deal with nasty situations in case of a disaster or threat.

Mass evacuation: Mass evacuation and safe rooms will help the staff deal with an emergency. Also, through this, staff can take guests to safety. 

Display notifications: Signs and notifications need to be set to guide the guests to safety.

Screening the staff is one of the most important precautions to take in an organized event. Most of the security threats are from insiders. There may be people working for you for years but with malicious intent. Thus, it is important to run an extensive background check on people working at the venue. It can be very dangerous if a miscreant joins the staff because it can threaten lives. To avoid stampedes and accidents, hire reliable Cornerstone security at events.

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