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Bodyguards are a great option to safeguard your family members, and there are numerous benefits when you hire one. They will give you security and offer the additional protection you might require during your time away or at work. There are a number of reasons why a VIP client may use protection services, but the ultimate goal is to provide peace of mind, safety, and to enhance their quality of life. It is their obligation to the protector to ensure the safety of their protector’s family and their assets.

Employing a personal bodyguard (Executive Protection) provides additional safety for VIPs and executives throughout their daily lives. The value gained from having a protector is invaluable in supporting your lifestyle, these services include;

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Benefits of hiring VIP protection service in Vancouver

There are many benefits to having bodyguard services in Vancouver. They can move you out of tense and hostile situations in an effective manner. 

The importance of hiring a private security service provider

The situational awareness gained through years of experience and the skillset of hiring an experienced protector far outweighs the cost of the services. Additionally, hiring the right bodyguard can also lead to them providing value in other areas of your life and or business.

Suppose you’re away from home and a residential security operator (RSO) who was hired to guard your property is present. In that case, They can maintain the perimeter of your home, take you from and to your home, offer assistance with escorting, keep you in your area and attend to emergencies. In addition, they will provide security and bodyguard services for your home or while you travel.

At the end of the day, your protection is what’s most important. Cornerstone believes that great VIP and Executive protection starts not after the fact, but before the fact. That is why it is crucial to consider VIP protection for your assets.


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