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There are multiple factors involved when it comes to choosing or renewing a contract, especially when it comes to private security service providers. Choosing any security service provider in Vancouver is a challenge of its own since when you have already experienced their services, you would have a baseline on a few aspects on which you can analyze.

After understanding the customer’s perspective, here are some questions that you must look for yourself before taking any steps    

  • How does the agency train its security guard?

Each year, security guards are required to complete a certain number of hours for mandatory training and take more tests and training every year to keep their license. This ensures that your security guard company contracts are renewed according to legal requirements. Also, ensure the guards are properly trained and have all certifications and licenses. If possible, you can ask for a training routine from the company and understand how they are trained to handle different critical scenarios.  

  • What Security Services Are They Offering?

Inquire about the capabilities and offerings of your company before you renew the contract. Cornerstone offers several types of security guard services, including secure transport solutions, celebrity protection, event security, surveillance, and many more. Our guards are more accountable and efficient when using the most recent technologies. We also offer professional security guard training.

  • Are the services customizable to meet your needs?

In our experience, every client has a different set of requirements. VIP protection services in Vancouver cannot be applied to all businesses. Each business has its security requirements. We are the best security guard company to provide customized security services to meet your needs. To meet this, every security service has made a package. If you are a special client, you can also request a customizable package that suits only your needs.

  • Are their security guard services cost-effective?

It is clear that pricing plays a major role in renewing a contract with a security guard company. As every requirement is different, security service providers in Vancouver have made cost-effective packages in some instances convenient for most clients. However, consider what they offer before you jump to conclusions based on the price. You don’t have to pay more for a high-quality experience.

  • Are They Using Proprietary Systems

When renewing your security guard company contract, one of the first things to consider is the technology used for effective guard management. Cornerstone can provide you guard tour system to improve guard productivity, efficiency, and accountability. Also, if you are looking to know more about our proprietary system, we are happy to brief you on that.

  • How reliable are their customer services?

The best security services company must be reliable, and the security guards should be friendly and professional. They also need to provide dedicated customer service. A strong management team is essential to ensure that the company can support its guards on a daily basis and respond quickly and enthusiastically to any complaints.

  • Are They Able to regularly re-evaluate your security program?

No business can’t continue to grow. Change is inevitable. It could be space, employees, or the environment surrounding the business. These factors can change the security requirements. This is why it is important to ask this question to ensure that your security guard company can keep up.

We hope that this set of questions will help you in identifying whether your company is worth extending the contract or not. With the support of Cornerstone, you and your premises are 100% covered and we will willingly help you in any question that arises within your mind from time to time. Connect with us today to know more about us!

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