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Living in a house can be comfortable only if you have taken adequate safety measures to keep it safe and protected. Staying safe from intruders is the priority because this can endanger precious goods, property, and lives. Home security systems and other security measures taken by agencies such as Cornerstone can protect homes or offices in a budget-friendly manner. 

The goal is to reduce burglary attempts, whether it is smart locks, security devices, burglar alarm systems, or “Do-it-yourself” monitoring. But, the fact is every second a miscreant tries to steal from someone in some part of town, let us see the 6 Tips to Prevent a Break-in and protect the home:

 Lock doors and windows and add security locks:

The best defense against people breaking in is setting up locks on the doors and windows. But, many of us forget to put the lock and can be careless, leaving the door open for the burglars. Your home should not be an easy target. Windows and doors must be locked, especially when you leave the house. 

 Use devices and upgraded door locks to track the entry points:

Upgraded sensors and smart locks on the windows and doors warn when the doors are not closed properly or left ajar. The smart locks can also be timed to periodically shut by pairing them with your Smartphone. The doors and windows need high-quality upgraded locks to report break-ins. Deadbolts, strong hinges, and door frames prevent intruders from entering. 

Home security system: 

Getting home security is a great way to prevent outsiders from entering the home. You will get alerted instantly if someone tries to enter. Burglars avoid homes with security systems, cameras, and smart devices. 

They can spot any surveillance camera from far. A house can be broken into if there are no security cameras. Thus, installing cameras and home security systems on the property seems to be one of the best ways to deter intruders from trespassing. It is tough to keep an eye on the whole property, but you can do that easily by installing a reliable home security system. Burglars rarely barge in areas where an electronic close watch device is installed. 

Home security cameras are great for home protection and can alert family members if an intruder walks onto the property. These cameras are sleek and can capture every movement on the grounds, porch, back yard, and front gate. You will be alerted when someone tries to enter or exit the house.

Security agencies such as Cornerstone are vigilant and keep an eye on home security systems. If necessary, they may get in touch with law enforcement if need be the moment an intruder tries to attempt to break in. The markets are full of affordable security cameras and stone-alone devices on a budget!

Hide your valuables in a safe place:  

Burglaries are not a one-day job. Generally, thieves keep an eye on the movement of the people living in the house and gather information on the valuables. They long to steal expensive products and thus are always on the lookout. It is easy to know about the family’s status by checking out the outdoor display, living standards, and expensive items in the garden, near a window, or in the pool. 

To learn how to keep the blinds and curtains in place to prevent people from peeking into your homes. Never leave the garage open or leave expensive products near the windows, like jewelry, purses, phones, cash, etc. 

Set up outdoor lighting: 

Outdoor lighting exposes people breaking into a home and puts them on display. The burglar can’t stand still or plan anything because the lights can catch him in the trespassing act. The outdoor lighting brilliantly lights the yard whenever there is a movement, and the potential burglar is caught off guard and is shooed off the premises. 

Lock the garage:

 People often become careless when it comes to their garage and forget to lock it. Your home is very vulnerable if the garage gate is open. For that matter, every door and window needs to be locked to prevent entry. The garage door opener needs to always be near you and should never be left unattended. 

It can get stolen and give burglars the license to enter the premises. The interior door opens into the garage, and if someone finds the garage door open, they can get instant entry into your home. Get a smart Garage door opener for your home. You can manage this with the remote to open and shut it when needed. 

As a warning to people, make sure you have a spare key at hand always. Most of us tend to slip the duplicate under the flowerpot or mat. It’s a common placement and a popular hiding place. The fact is, intruders also know about this. You can always give a friend or neighbor an extra key and take it if you are locked out. If you want to keep the key on your property, get a reliable concealed lock box that you can access alone. You can stay safe from intruders and prevent break-ins by following these six tips to Prevent a Break-in and protect the home. Mindfulness can save you a lot of pain in the future!

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