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As the best security guard company, we at Cornerstone aim to always provide highly professional services that improve over time. The only purpose of employing security personnel is to provide a safe and secure environment. Inept security personnel is not uncommon. Strong security staff will only exacerbate the crisis rather than solve it. Even though employees have been properly trained, it is possible that they lack the ability to manage corporate security effectively. There are many elements that come into play when a security team’s ability is tested.

According to the present scenario, there is a need to constantly improve security endeavors, with this, we at Cornerstone, a VIP protection service in Vancouver are here to tell you what are the 5 tips that you can follow to augment security guard services:

  • Screen Your Guards Qualifications

Many states require security guards to complete a certain amount of training before they are allowed to start working as security guards. If you live in one of these states, make sure your security guard company is compliant. Do not accept their word. Ask for copies.

If guard certification is not required in your state, you should investigate the training provided by your security company. This step can be done during contract negotiations. If you feel the security guard training is inadequate, you can request more training or look for a company that offers the same level of security.

Also, does your security guard company conduct background and drug screenings of all guards before they are allowed to go on your property? They should provide you with proof if they are. If they are not, how can you tell?

  • Assess Guard Training

While the best security guard company provides a thorough orientation that introduces every guard to the company, many guards are not provided with a complete orientation to their assigned property. The orientation to the property is called “Site Specific Training”. Learn more about your site-specific training:

  • Is it done at your place?
  • How long does each officer take to be trained?
  • How long does the security firm double bank? Double banking refers to having a veteran and new guard simultaneously working.
  • How thorough are your post orders explained?
  • This “Site Specific Training” would be best conducted by corporate security managers, who are familiar with the security policy and the physical security procedures at the site.
  • Align your security service KPIs to your customer’s business goals

Security guard services are viewed as part of the larger organization, they can offer many services including secure transport solutions. You can identify the security measures that will help your customer achieve their business goals by understanding their overall business objectives.

Knowing your customer’s expectations of service will help you plan your operations. It will also help you establish a scope, agree on a contract and create a service level agreement. This agreement allows you to report on agreed metrics and KPIs. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • Branding

Branding is essential for all aspects of your company. It makes your company more easily identifiable and can help your security personnel feel proud to work for you.

If a prospect is familiar with who you are before you make contact, it will be a significant advantage in the sales process. At Cornerstone, a close protection service in Surrey, we believe that below mentioned two pieces of branding are easy and can make a big difference in a short time:

  • Uniforms – An uniformed officer wearing visible company logos is a moving billboard. Their high-quality service is free advertising for you if you pay attention.
  • Branded Reports: During sales, you might want to show prospects what they can expect from your security report. This is another way to increase credibility. Branded reports are a way to reinforce your brand and make your reports appear professional.

Challenge perceptions about the value security services can provide and push the boundaries of security. Do not settle for the status quo. Show your customers that you are proactive and forward-looking by providing security services.

You’ll be a true business partner if you help your customers understand the ways you can help them secure their goals and ensure that they have a seat at every table.

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