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Are you looking for apex security services in Vancouver as the world gets all scary out there for the artists and celebrities? If you haven’t signed up for one then today we will discuss the checklist of an artist that he or she must ensure and be aware of as they tour around. In all sectors security is necessary and t can be tagged with various reasons too like theft, property damage, assault, etc 

Let’s read about the top three things you should look for as an artist while considering installing security services. 

Beware of the social media and paparazzi 

Even though celebrities and artists thrive on attention but there are times when it can be very harmful too. At times fans and paparazzi can be ruthless and harsh. Especially if you are involved in any controversy. Hence protection services while you travel in public places are essential. You can get access to such services with Cornerstone protection services in Vancouver. At Cornerstone, our officers have over 30 years of experience in the protection industry.

These services might look insignificant but due to the emergence of social media, it’s essential to get some security as it’s only getting easier to track your location. There are various instances where obsessed fans have crossed lines and it has worked against the artist. 

Residential Security 

Even if you own a home, you don’t own the entire area nearby. It’s not a big deal to get access to the residential area of any artist or celebrity. The incidents of houses of artists and celebrities getting attacked are also commonly known to all of us. You might consider getting guards for the main entrance especially when you are touring for an event. Even though CCTV cameras can record the act and the culprit but why not prevent it before cure. Subscribing to security services can help you prevent future damage.

At Cornerstone security there is a guarantee of proficient property monitoring services for all your valuable property sites. You can get access to a customized plan as per your needs and all the potential threats are prevented like theft, vandalism, graffiti, break-in, and trespass.

Event Security

Some amateurs and professionals have now got a hang of being popular artists. This comes with a common idea of having your security services and not relying on the management. Many artists have bodyguards and bouncers for the events from the agency that they can rely on upon. Cornerstone is one such security service agency in Vancouver. Our excellent services ensure that direct interaction is avoided and dangerous elements are eliminated from the crowd. 

Cornerstone takes immense pride as it holds years of experience serving in Vancouver and various places across Canada. We ensure that specialized services are provided at Cornerstone can be any event, party, or private gathering. 

There are various kinds of threats that can be surrounding you being an artist up for a tour. At Cornerstone, we ensure to keep you safe be it your assets, property, event, or private parties. Vulnerabilities are right around the corner as being an artist or celebrity is not as easy as it looks. Sometimes fancy turns ugly and we at Cornerstone are here to keep your life and professional life safe. We understand your life and the threats your career carries to your daily life. Connect with the Cornerstone today and you will stay safe as we guarantee this. Get in touch with Cornerstone the best security services in Vancouver today 

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