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3 Questions you need to ask your security provider!


Questions 1 – Do they have liability insurance over 5 million?

General Liability insurance of 1 million is the minimum recommended for most security companies. One million covers a single loss.

That doesn’t mean everything that goes into your security is covered. A security detail, guarding a property, a vehicle, injury of a member of the team, whatever service you need, is it adequately covered? At Cornerstone Security, you are our #1 concern, and being sufficiently insured for peace of mind is extremely important.

Questions 2 – What training has their operators taken and when was their last training?

Security licensing needs to be renewed every three years. That doesn’t include any other services they may offer, including private investigation, secured transport, OSINT, or other services that add to a holistic security service.

Make sure to properly vet their certifications and how up-to-date they are to ensure you get the best service.

Question 3 – What metrics or KPI’s are they going to use to measure success?

By defining both of your definitions of success, your security provider will have a clear roadmap to ensure that you have everything you ask for.

This clear expectation will allow them to make sure that they have the necessary tools and preparation taken care of so that there is no drop in communication, drop in service, or drop in the expected.


These questions are essential to ask to start the relationship off on a positive note. For example, Executive Protection Services’ relationships are primarily based on trust, having a reliable network, and consistency in your security team and yourself as the client.

At Cornerstone Security, we have a system called Cornerstone Shield Master Program. We walk clients through a multifaceted checklist assessing their problems and immediate situation. This program allows us to plan an appropriate course of action for managing or mitigating any further events or vulnerabilities from occurring again.

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