Focused and Ready to Deploy

Professional Security Services in Vancouver, BC

We employ experienced security operators that are trained to examine each vulnerability in terms of threat level, risk to our clients, and environment. This allows us to create relevant, practical, and implementable security solutions. 

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Protection Services

Our officers have over 30 years of experience in the close protection industry with backgrounds ranging from special forces military to private security industry authority. As a result, our clients can be sure to receive protection services of the highest caliber.

Event Security

Cornerstone takes pride in ensuring that the clients concerns are our main priority. With our Specialized events division we can ensure your next VIP event or private gathering carries on successfully. Cornerstone has proven results and an active roster of Security professionals working in some of the most prestigious venues in Vancouver and across Canada.

Loss Prevention

Asset protection is an issue for many organizations. From theft of merchandise by dishonest patrons to internal crimes committed by employees, organizations deal with asset management issues on a daily basis and as a result it takes away from their focus on servicing their customers. Cornerstone’s Asset protection division specializes in a range of loss prevention tactics to service the client base on their unique requirements.

Property Monitoring

Cornerstone Security is proficient at providing property monitoring for your valuable sites. We provide tailor made security plans that ensure your property is safe from potential break-ins, theft, graffiti, vandalism, and undue destruction. you invest so much into your assets. Don’t allow careless actions and outside threats to cause you undue stress.

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Secured Transport

We transport high value individuals and their assets. Transportation and human logistics are a critical factor in the life of a high value executive. 

Travel delays can cause undue stress and affect business opportunities. We provide logistics support to our clients and their assets to ensure that they reach their destinations quickly and safely. 

Peace of mind and efficiency are what we offer. We want our clients to focus on what they do best and leave the travel logistics to us. 


Finding facts brings security and peace of mind in knowing that you can make the best decision in complex circumstances. Our dedicated team of professional investigators can assist with fact finding, research and information gathering to assist our clients with valuable intelligence.

We understand every situation requires in-depth understanding and planning. Please contact Cornerstone Security for more details.