Shaughnessy, a predominantly residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, stretches across approximately 447 hectares of centrally located land. This elegantly designed neighbourhood is nestled within the borders of 16th Avenue to the north, 41st Avenue to the south, Oak Street to the east, and East Boulevard to the west.

The neighbourhood has an esteemed subsection known as “First Shaughnessy,” admired for its prestige and historical significance. First Shaughnessy is encased within a slightly smaller perimeter, bordered by 16th Avenue to the north, King Edward Avenue to the south, Oak Street to the east, and East Boulevard to the west. As of 2016, the population was an estimated 8,810 residents, living in a district named in honour of Thomas Shaughnessy, the 1st Baron Shaughnessy and former president of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The neighbourhood of Shaughnessy stands as a symbol of affluence and sophistication within the city. The residents enjoy an average annual household income of $111,566, with the figure escalating to $777,184 in the more exclusive enclave of Shaughnessy Heights. The average house price is a substantial $2.89 million, reflecting the highest property valuation in Vancouver. This price tag, while significant, is justified by the luxurious and spacious properties, the central location, and the sense of history and prestige associated with the area.

One of the notable features of Shaughnessy is the rich tapestry of historical homes, particularly in the First Shaughnessy district. These residences represent an architectural timeline of Vancouver, exuding a sense of nostalgia and historical authenticity. A remarkable 51.5% of the neighbourhood’s homes were constructed before or during World War II, a figure that significantly overshadows the 20.8% average for the city as a whole. This peculiarity can be attributed to the 1981 First Shaughnessy Official Development Plan by-law.

This impactful legislation was designed to preserve the historical character and architectural heritage of Shaughnessy. The by-law encourages the ownership of private property and single-family dwellings, while imposing restrictions on property subdivision and limiting population density. Consequently, this regulation has played a vital role in maintaining the distinctive charm, exclusivity, and low-density residential nature of Shaughnessy, setting it apart from the city’s more urbanized districts.

Shaughnessy is more than just a neighbourhood. It’s a testament to Vancouver’s rich history, a haven for architectural beauty, and a symbol of residential opulence. Its tree-lined streets, stately homes, and tranquil ambiance create an idyllic setting that allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds – a quiet, exclusive neighbourhood within a bustling, vibrant city.

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