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Event management is a tedious task, and there is a lot that goes into it. Right from planning to the final implementation, the hustle and bustle are beyond explainable. The last thing you want now after mapping out the entire event is a breach of safety. Merely dotting the venue with security personnel is just not it. There are a lot of other complexities, but the very first is performing your due diligence to hire a promising VIP Protection service in Vancouver like Cornerstone.

Event security is no longer an afterthought and no matter the kind of event you are hosting, if it is a daytime conference or evening music gig, the hands-on-deck varies according to the nature of the event but always make sure that it is the right one and the only factor that can help you out is Event security provider in Vancouver. 

Merely installing CCTVs and alarms is not enough to secure the premises. It would be best to consider all the hazards beforehand to ensure that the event is hassle-free and streamlined.

Below mentioned are a few of the crucial things that you can do to ensure that your event security is safeguarded:

  • Assess the venue thoroughly

Now that you have finally decided on the best venue for your event, you must invest yourself in understanding the inside out of the venue. Look for areas within the venue from where somebody uninvited can enter; these include windows or back doors used by staff.

Drawing the map of the entire area to make the security personnel understand their position is also a beneficial approach. You can also put temporary fencing around the venue to establish boundaries. 

  • Understand security risks priorly

A security threat is very obvious whenever there is a large gathering, and the risks involved are always subjected to variables. Let’s say that a birthday party is potentially less vulnerable to a security breach than a political gathering. Depending on the nature, know the type of risks that you can possibly deal with:

  • The level of controversy in your event
  • The context of the event
  • Who is hosting the event 
  • What are the non-human security risks (flood area, venue near highway or wild animals around)
  • Make security measures visible

It is a natural phenomenon that if the security measures are portrayed in front of the audience, any miscreants will start thinking about their intentions of creating a ruckus. The end goal of creating all the security arrangements is to prevent any kind of unethical activity from happening. By making the devices like CCTVs, detectors, and security personnel highly visible, the agitator will think of the repercussions immediately. 

  • Brainstorm with your team

Everyone in your team should be well aware of their duties and responsibilities to avoid confusion during the main event. Brainstorming is the right way to involve everyone under one umbrella and share their viewpoints on taking extra measures.

Also, inform your team members about the security protocols they need to follow and who they should contact in case of any inconvenience. 

  • Know your team

In most cases, an agitator is an inside person, and to avoid any such hassle, and you should know the people you are working with. A trustworthy team is vital for the streamlined execution of the event. To attain that, you must perform a background analysis of everyone you hire and take a thorough interview to get them onboard.

If you are working with the same team for years, you should conduct a re-screening again just to know if you are on the right track with them. 

  • Prepare for medical emergencies

Small medical emergency kits are always present at every event to tame cuts or bruises, but there should always be trained staff to handle emergencies. There are a lot of unnecessary troubles that you may incur during your events, and trained medical staff can take the burden off your shoulders by mitigating risks and providing CPRs, and dealing with something urgent.

  • A security service at your rescue

If you are wondering about the VIP services near me? Then we at Cornerstone, a bodyguard services provider Vancouver are here to manage every security-related concern for you. It is very crucial that you choose an expert security architect who invests their time in understanding all your concerns and developing a foolproof methodology around them.

Experts in the field can provide you with all the necessary inputs that can further strengthen the security of your event and augment its efficiency. 

It is undeniable that events are a great source of ROI for any brand and also means that events need stricter plans to ensure smooth functioning. Enlisting potential private event security can reap good benefits and save your money, including all the hassle of safeguarding attendees, hosts, and personalities. So if you are wondering about the security agencies near me, with Cornerstone, put an end to your search and make your events a talk for the town. 


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